Permanent memorials stand the test of time. Choose from sculpted memorials, upright monuments, granite markers, and several other styles. Madison Memorial Home offers complete service in selecting a monument or cemetery marker. We will take the time with you and your family to offer personalized design consultation, sketches, and we will deliver and set the completed monument in all area cemeteries.

Most people feel a cemetery memorial should be a personalized tribute to the deceased, characteristic of an individual's personality, career, hobbies, family history and  dedication to humanity. We at Madison Memorial Home recognize this philosophy and strive to honor and remember heritage, individualism and contributions to society.

Please allow us the opportunity to assist you in selecting your family memorial. You can call us at any time at                          973-377-2735 to schedule an appointment.

Selecting A Memorial

Our staff can help you create a fitting memorial. There are several decisions that need to be made when selecting a memorial. They include: Color, Style, Design, Inscriptions, and Cemetery Regulations.



Flat markers lay flat in the ground. They are available in various colors and they come in individual and companion sizes.


Pillow markers are much like flat markers except that they are wider on one side creating a beveled surface. Some prefer this because it is easier to view the inscription from farther away while maintaining a low profile. They come in individual and companion sizes.


These markers have a pronounced slanted surface. The inscription is easily read from a distance and the stone has an elegant pedestal like appearance. These markers come in several sizes.


Upright monuments rest vertically on a base. They offer a larger surface area for a personalized design and they can be cut into a variety of different shapes. There are many colors, shapes, and sizes available.