Our Staff

Our dedicated and compassionate staff take pride in doing our absolute best to ensure all of your family's needs are met.  Our job is to make a difficult time as easy for the family as possible, to organize and coordinate all the separate parties that play a role in the services, and to allow the family to focus and deal strictly with their loss. A funeral is one of the events we face in life that deserves to go perfectly. The staff at Madison Memorial Home will do everything we can make sure that it does.

Funeral Directors
Douglas R. Loikith, Owner & Manager- NJ Lic. No. 4560
Victoria K. Waumans, Funeral Director- NJ Lic. No. 5283                                                                                                                                                           

Our Professional Support Staff
Michael Sztuk, Professional Assistant*
Joseph Verbaro, Professional Assistant*
James "Beau" Donato, Jr., Professional Assistant*
William Prosperi, Professional Assistant*
Jerry Mantone, Professional Assistant*
Keir Gaultieri, Professional Assistant*
Marty Marshall, Professional Assistant*
Michael Bennett, Intern*                                                                                                                                                                      


*An asterisk denotes a staff member that is not a licensed funeral director.
Not all employees are qualified to make funeral arrangements, embalm or conduct funerals.